Are my recommended reinvestments funds in alignment with my chosen asset allocation?

Modified on Tue, 27 Jun 2023 at 06:13 PM

Certainly! The reinvestment recommendations we provide are all about matching your chosen asset allocation. We make sure to tailor the recommendations according to the specific plan you have in place.

a For instance, if we suggest withdrawing ₹20,000 from two funds in your Long Term Portfolio, we'll direct the reinvestment back into that same portfolio. The number of reinvestment funds and the recommended sub-asset classes will depend on the asset allocation you've set for the Long Term Portfolio plan.

Let's say you initially wanted a 70% equity allocation in your Long Term Portfolio, but over time, your current equity exposure dropped to 65%. In that case, our reinvestment fund suggestions will lean towards more equity funds. We want to help you get closer to your desired 70% equity allocation and achieve the right asset mix for this plan.

Remember, this adjustment of your asset allocation can happen gradually as we provide you with suitable reinvestment options. Our goal is to ensure your investments align with your preferences and objectives.

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